A Fabulous Gift Idea: The Singing Waiters

Well you might have noticed already, this website is all about the nice and neat things in life. And those little things you can give as a gift to others are even better!

My niece Jerry just two weeks ago surprised one of her childhood friends, Minna, at her own wedding! What she did, she talked in secret with some of Minna’s relatives and arranged a big surprise for their wedding reception! What they did, they hired the singing waiters without Minna and her new husband knowing!

The Singing Waiters

The Singing Waiters

Maybe you don’t now who the singing waiters are, then let me explain. The singing waiters are professional singers (some may be actors too) that can be hired for such events like big parties or wedding receptions.

They will normally be in disguise so no-one of the guests knows they’re even there. At a particular time which you can arrange with them in advance, the singing waiters will put on a big show once they revealed their presence to your guests at your party or wedding.

Normally this will go like that they will pretend a fight or a loud “fake argument” which will draw all your party guest’s attention for sure. Before it gets really embarrassing tho they will reveal themselves as the singing waiters and start singing and dancing – it’s an AWESOME surprise for anyone at the reception. And believe me, those guys are fantastic!

Their show will last about 90mins but you might be interested to know that you can also hire them for your entire event, which means they will provide the complete musical entertainment for your wedding or party.

I mention this here because this can be a great idea if you know someone who plans a wedding reception or a similar event. Because you could give them the singing waiters as a gift, so to speak! You definitely need to check the singing waiters out if you’re looking for something really special for a wedding reception, take my word it will be a blast for everyone!